Kreuzberg Shedding, 2019
Single-Channel video, 5’15

The collective, made of architect Çağrı Taşkın, environmental scientist Serkan Kaptan and photographer Erdal İnci, focuses on producing virtual environments through 3D digital scans of objects and locations using the photogrammetry technique.

Kreuzberg Shedding is a 3D scanning of the markings on the walls of Kreuzberg, a neighborhood in Berlin marked by urban development and ensuing class conflict. Due to its proximity to the Berlin Wall, the neighborhood was dismissed for many years, housing mostly bohemian and immigrant communities. However, over the past couple of decades, Berlin's popularity increased due to its affordability, cultural prosperity and the lifestyle that comes with it.

This change is brought about by rising rents and living costs, forcing the original working-class occupiers to leave. The resulting loss of social character of the neighborhood is depicted through the shedding of the walls, removing its history expressed through markings made of graffiti, stencil works and stickers.