Take Away, 2021

The duo, composed of Arthur Mirat and Louise Masson, is driven by reflections related to the redefinition of language, words, gender and the relationship between text and image; Mirat-Masson attempts to produce a new plastic and literary vocabulary. Furthermore, the duo questions their relationship to the existing socio-political system and identity by asserting that grammar is malleable and, above all, a political tool that ought to be seized in order to resist but also to celebrate.

Take Away casts light upon the political and cultural identities invisible within the public space of the city

Food labels are used to indicate the brand or origin of a product intended for sale. Mirat-Masson revisits the sticker object by inscribing political and militant messages allowing certain struggles and cultures to exist within the public space and the cosmopolitan city, gathering all identities, thoughts, genders, religions, races and individuals. This is why, with a minimal gesture, the duo appropriates the kebab box by placing their stickers on it. The takeaway becomes their medium for dissemination and advocacy.