Jungleye, PariScape, 2019 PostcardsJungleye, PariScape, 2019 Postcards


PariScape, 2019

In November 2015, photographer Séverine Sajous and architect Julie Brun launched the Jungleye project inside the migrant camp in the city of Calais, popularly known as The Jungle. Jungleye aims to use participatory photography as a tool allowing refugees and asylum seekers to reflect, share, learn, and express their experiences to empower them and thought-provoking to the host community and society in general.

Pariscape addresses the complex system of citizenship and representation within the urban city through a horizontal experience where migrants and tourists are joined by an equal desire for discovery.

During photographic walks organised on the occasion of a workshop, migrants hosted in a humanitarian center in Ivry met tourists and locals in Paris, both animated by an equal wish to explore the territory, places of life and history. The experience allowed refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and tourists to place themselves at the same level of discovery of cultures and knowledge, allowing the expression of fraternity to be expressed through mutual laughter and astonishment.