Altay Tuz

Members Only, 2016-ongoing
Digital prints, 70x100

Tuz's work focuses on the public and private space and how people from their territories. In his research, the artist concentrates on notions such as borders, lines, barriers and walls, and analyzes the visual grammar within the public architectural texture and its connection to social class distinction.

Members Only addresses the spaces of belonging of the Turkish community residing in Germany.

Since more than 50 years since guest workers from Turkey - Gastarbeiter - started to immigrate to Germany, laying their roots and working towards creating a new home. However, to this day, the workforce still faces everyday challenges and struggles to belong. This "in progress" integration left many uncertain between belonging and longing, as the limitations of being an immigrant are still present. The series Members Only documents the Turkish community's social sanctuaries for themselves in various cities around Germany. These spaces of safety, comfort and homeliness tend to be kept at a distance from an outsiders' point of view.